Technical Reference

The Soroswap Protocol is inspired in UniswapV2. Contracts are written in rust using the Soroban SDK, implementing all the functionalities of UniswapV2, with some limitations of rust (see further)

The Soroswap.Finance protocol consists in:

1.- A Pair contract (liquidity pool) (The SoroswapPair contract): They serve as automated market makers (AMM) and keep track of pool token balances. In Soroban, these contracts implements the Stellar token interface

2.- A Factory contract (The SoroswapFactory contract): Creates one Liquidity Pool Token smart contract per unique token pair.

With this approach, any user can start a new liquidity pool pair from the front-end, and hence without knowing how to code, or without needing to manually deploy a smart contract using the soroban-cli software.

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